Messy, disorganized shop?  Are your employees spending a lot of time looking for materials, tools, fixtures, etc?  Help improve your bottom line by reorganizing your shop with Vo-Tech!

A clean, orderly shop can bring benefits such as:

  • improved safety
  • increased employee morale
  • greater job efficiency
  • greater part/product throughput
  • improved customer relations
  • lasting impression on new customers
  • reduced job cost
  • increased profits
  • We can custom design your shop to optimize your production flow to achieve these results.  Your shop will be fully modeled/detailed for the best visualization possible.  During the process, we help with equipment selections that will best fit your shop's needs, in addition to tooling, fixturing and workholding.

    Let us put our shop experience to work for you so you can see these benefits come to life.  These customers already have!

    Harris Nuclear Plant - BEFORE


    Harris Nuclear Plant - AFTER




    Robinson Nuclear Plant - BEFORE

    Robinson Nuclear Plant - AFTER