Our field machinists are skilled craftsmen that are experienced in the trade of field machining at power plants around the country.  We have an impeccable safety record and focus on maintaining safety at every job site we attend.

VoTech has staff available for maintenance, scheduled outages and emergent work primarily focused/trained in the power generation industry.  Our craftsmen are trained in all aspects of CNC and manual machining including but not limited to:

    — All CNC milling and turning equipment
    — Large Capacity Vertical mills
    — Horizontal boring mills
    — Engine Lathes
    — Surface Grinders
    — Rental machines available to ship to site for specific needs/requirements
    — Fixturing of difficult to machine parts on site or in our shop
    — Unique multi-cavity fixturing solutions to improve efficiency controlling manufacturing costs
    — Full 4 axis work capabilities
    — Trained and capable of machining a broad range of materials including exotics such as:
           >> Stellite, Nitronic, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, all grades of stainless and hardened carbon steels
    Some examples of our field work:

    MSIV machining           


    Valve seat machining
    Diesel engine flywheel drilling
    Flange facing