CNC MSIV Refurbishment System

This revolutionary device was developed specifically to automate the MSIV refurbishment / rebuilding process. This system performs three completely different functions in one setup:

  • Laser CMM inspection head provides complete mapping
    and data base of entire valve
  • LIBURDI® Gold Track VI® welding system. Complete automated
    welding controls
  • Machining utilizing servo controlled operations that perform
    Boring, Milling, Lapping


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Stud Hole Cleaning Machine

For removal of rust & corrosion of threaded holes.

Vacuum attachment to reduce contamination caused by loose debris.




Portable Milling Machine - CNC

(Compact Design Horizontal Boring Mill)
  • Design custom scalable to virtually any size requirement
  • Precision ground lead screw with zero backlash
  • Precision Linear Guides and Roller Bearings (heavy duty)
  • Existing design very rigid that can easily handle 2,000 lbs. table load
  • Travel capability: 28” in X axis, 32” in Y axis, 12” in Z axis (on 36” X 36” table)
  • User friendly Windows based Mach Motion CNC Controls with built in CAM feature & optional 4th axis capable
  • Touch Screen Monitor with custom views and tool path features
  • Jog handle control with track ball and keyboard inputs
  • 6.6 HP Spindle with speeds up to 3,000/1,500 RPM’s with torque at 111/222 inch lbs. (depending on desired configuration)
  • Common CAT 40 tool holder (unique for a horizontal mill)
  • Small footprint of only 85” in length (Z) X 79” long (X)(L shaped design) and only 73” tall overall
  • 4,500 lb. machine that is easily disassembled and transportable





Machine -Fitted with Hydraulic Power 

This machine was designed for various machining applications on pipes and flanges with options of internal or external mounting. Max. machining capacity is 36". Hydraulic power unit optional. 



studcleaner_full2Stud Cleaning Machine

This machine was designed to clean studs from corrosion and contaminants, before assembly to prevent the stud and nut from locking up.


Drillbeam Machine

This machine was design for drilling holes in different sizes of I beams, where distance from hole  to hole require a precise location (+- .005)




Seal Testing Machine

This machine was design to perform testing on special mechanical seals (1000 PSI) before installing them in the system, to safe on time of installation and removal in case of seals malfunction. Saves time and radiation exposure.





This Plug was design to isolate MSIV loop during LRT testing. It is easier to insert this plug, than assemble the valve. Saves time and radiation exposure.MSIV_LRT_Plug_WEB




Assembly Press

This machine was design for assembly of circuit boards that required a multi U-clips for holding fuses that were press into this boards.





Accumulator Cart

Designed to install, remove, and transport accumulators in very tight


 Lapping Cart

Mobile cart for lapping critical surfaces in the field.