Vo-Tech has proudly served the needs of the power generation industry since 1997.

  • Field Service Labor - Maintenance, Outage & Emergent Needs
  • Manufacturing/Machining - both on site and in shop
    • Manufacture parts to print for maintenance/replacement
    • Portable & full size CNC machines shipped on location
  • Consultative Services and Design Work for Custom Tools and Machines
    — specialty in reducing labor and increasing efficiency with automated tooling

   Recommend and supply the following:

  • Necessary tooling and equipment for both clean and “hot” shop environments to standardize - improving employee efficiency, safety and training.
  • Reverse Engineering – working under the direction of plant engineers, assist in recreating or redesigning needed features in replacement parts that have been lost or destroyed.

 Below is a brief list of the machinery and equipment we have designed and supplied specifically to and for the Power Generation Industry   Note: These items have many applications adaptable to other industries than just the power generation industry.  If you have a specific need/requirement or don’t see what you need here, call us with the challenge to design something for you. 

CNC MSIV Refurbishment System

This revolutionary device was developed specifically to automate the MSIV refurbishment / rebuilding process. This system performs three completely different functions in one setup:

  • Laser CMM inspection head provides complete mapping
  • and data base of entire valve
  • LIBURDI® Gold Track VI® welding system. Complete automated
  • welding controls
  • Machining utilizing servo controlled operations that perform
  • boring, milling, lapping
  • One time setup to complete all needed repairs
  • Laser accurate measurement head - documents dimensional data acquisition
  • Dual boring bar attachments for line boring, flange and seat machining
  • Milling head attachment for spot machining/repairs
  • Automatic welding head attachment
  • Lapping head attachment for seat finishing
  • Reduces exposure and repair time
  • Fully remote operation up to 50’ away




msiv1 msiv45

Diesel Engine Governor Modification - Flywheel Machining

Custom designed fixture to precisely and accurately drill 360 holes around the perimeter of the EDG flywheel.  



Portable Milling Machine

(Compact Design Horizontal Boring Mill)

  • Design custom scalable to virtually any size requirement
  • Precision ground lead screw with zero backlash
  • Precision linear guides and roller bearings (heavy duty)
  • Existing design very rigid that can easily handle 2,000 lbs. table load
  • Travel capability:  28” in X axis,  32” in Y axis, 12” in Z axis (on 36” X 36” table)
  • User friendly Windows based Mach Motion CNC Controls with built in CAM feature & optional 4th axis capable
  • Touch Screen Monitor with custom views and tool path features
  • Jog handle control with track ball and keyboard inputs
  • 6.6 HP Spindle with speeds up to 3,000/1,500 RPM’s with torque at 111/222 inch lbs. (depending on desired configuration)
  • Common CAT 40 tool holder (unique for a horizontal mill)
  • Small footprint of only 85” in length (Z) X 79” long (X)(L shaped design) and only 73” tall overall
  • 4,500 lb. machine that is easily disassembled and transportable


Flange Machine

  • Hydraulically operated
  • Internal or externally mount capable
  • OD & ID machining capable up to 36“  diameter


Engine Bearing Gauge Tool

Designed to fit into the cavity of an assembled engine replacing the bearing halves and measuring ID & OD surfaces of crankshaft and bearing housing to measure and spec. a replacement eliminating the need of entire disassembly

  • Scalable to measure shafts 12” to over 30” in diameter
  • Measurement accuracy to within +/-.0005 to 1 degree increments across 5” in width (also scalable to wider dimensions)
  • Working 14” model has 8 ID and 8 OD probes
  • Collected data downloadable to PC w/proprietary software

Stud Cleaning Machine

(for studs from Vessel Reactor Domes)

  • Designed to automatically clean studs of corrosion and contaminants
  • Helps reduce likelihood of cross threading and/or lockup increasing down time
  • Reduces thread wear prolonging life of studs
  • Speeds up assembly of Dome saving time on exposure improving safety


 RVDS Pneumatic Nut Runner

  • Assists in the removal of the studs for reactor domes by capturing the lower nut and washer preventing loss or expensive recovery while reducing employee exposure
  • Also holds nut and washer during assembly minimizing employee fatigue



RVHS Nut Runner (electric)

Assists in speeding removal or assembly of top nut readying for torque - saves time and reduces employee exposure

Stud Lifting Wrench

  • This custom wrench was developed to expedite the process of disassembly and assembly of the reactor vessel drywell dome.  After dome studs are de-tensioned and bottom nuts removed, this wrench is used to lift the studs to set in position before removing the dome.
  • Pneumatically operated tool to raise or lower assembled studs on reactor dome – saves time & reduces exposure

Probe Exchange Device

  • Adaptable and scalable to many different sizes/pressures depending on need
  • Allows for the exchange of probes without compromising system pressure
  • Prevents system(s) having to be shut down to change out probes (moisture, temperature or any other critical sensor needed replacement)
  • Permanent solution quick disconnect design saves time and allows for replacement should failure occur – especially during a non-outage cycle

Seal Testing Machine

  • Designed to perform testing on mechanical seals with upwards of 1,000 PSI before installation
  • Pre-testing saves cost of labor to install and remove should seal failure occur
  • Saves on downtime and improves employee safety

Accumulator Cart
  • Designed to install, remove and transport accumulators in space restricted areas
  • Assists with labor when normal rigging equipment space limited

Stud Tensioning Wrench

  • Clutch actuated wrench that eliminates physical need to loosen/tighten fasteners operated manually or automatically
  • Eliminates worker fatigue for otherwise difficult removal in a contaminated environment improving safety
  • Upgrade to existing pressure vessel stud tensioning wrench

Tilt Camera Module

Developed to remotely operate a crawler for visual inspection of vessels and pipes

Sealed Cable Adapter

  • Adaptable and scalable concept for multiple size ranges/capacity’s if needed
  • Universal design both pivots and rotates where this is a requirement
  • Developed with sealed components to function in corrosive/harsh environments
  • Very strong.  Current design is load rated at 1,000 lbs.


  • Designed to isolate MSIV loop during Leak Rate Testing
  • Saves considerable time as compared to having to assemble entire valve to achieve same test
  • Reduces labor and improves employee safety

Please also see the “Custom Tools” and “Custom Machines" sections for more tools and equipment not mentioned here.