Vo-Tech operates 5 distinctly different business units that comprises our business model. We believe this to be a significant strength and a major point of differentiation from the competition. Furthermore, our staff offers a collective 30+ years of engineering and 100+ years of machine expertise to ensure your project is developed accurately and effectively. Our business offerings consist of the following:

  1. Production job shop CNC Mill and Lathe machining specializing in close tolerance work
    a. Prototype/development and high volume production machining parts made to print/customer specifications
    b. Muiltiple step, multiple platform machining assemblies including electrical and mechanical assemblies with multiple steps of machining and handling
  2.  In-house engineering and design staff that assist customers and design machines, machine tools and fixtures
  3.  Field machining operations to the power generation industry for scheduled maintenance and emergency work
  4.  Designers of tools and machines. We have a unique product line of patented tools and machines for the metalworking/engineered plastics/composites machining industry
    a. Developed product lines of machine tools for the power generation industry
  5. Consulting services to the power generation industry

 Our Facility

In 2016, Vo-Tech moved to our new 35,000 square foot facility located at 1145 Mitchell Court.

 votech building 1145 mitchell

This new location helps us better serve our customers much more efficiently and effectively, with ample room to grow for the coming years.

Milling Department



Turning Department

votech cnc machines mill lathe

 Dedicated Quality Control Lab