Vo-Tech was founded in 1997 by it's President, Wojciech Furman to help address the needs presented to him by customers in the nuclear power industry.  The company’s original business model involved providing field machining services to power generation plants around the country.  This involved skilled labor to manufacture parts for the plants scheduled maintenance, outage and, at times, emergent needs.  Mr. Furman’s mechanical and machining experience helped him to develop machines and products that automated critical plant operational maintenance needs helping them to perform more efficiently, reduce costly plant downtime, reduce employee time exposure improving safety.

As the needs increased, CNC machines were purchased to support this business opportunity and Vo-Tech evolved into a full service manufacturing machine shop in early 2000. By moving into an industrial complex, we were able to continue to increase the quantity and sophistication of the CNC machinery we use. As customer needs and opportunities became increasingly apparent, Vo-Tech expanded its services offered to include design work and assembly for the non-nuclear industry needs. Necessity being the mother of invention, Vo-Tech also developed unique machines, creating fixtures and multiple tools (patents applied for) for not only our own internal needs but also with the ability to begin to market to the machining industry.

  • In 2005 the company moved into a 6,600 square foot facility allowing for increased capabilities and capacity.
  • In 2008 Vo-Tech acquired a CMM, Optical Comparator machines, and a live tool CNC lathe with automatic bar loader.  We also added to our staff with a part time CFO.
  • 2009 brought many staff changes with the addition of a Vice President of Sales/Marketing/General Manager and the addition of a new Staff Engineer to assist Mr Furman in design work.  This was also the first year we advertised to the world, the newly developed MSIV CNC Machining System to support the nuclear power industry.
  • In September of 2010 the company moved into our new state of the art freestanding 13,800 square foot facility located at 684 Tek Drive.  This also has become a year of significant change with the addition of another Staff Engineer, three additional machinists and multiple system and process changes with the transition to the new location, helping to improve efficiency and support future growth.
  • Winter of 2015 - We moved once again!  Our new facility is 35,000 square feet and is located at 1145 Mitchell Court in Crystal Lake.

Stay tuned for exciting developments in 2017!