Welcome to Vo-Tech, Inc.
Variable Operations Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in CNC production machining and custom designed machinery for industrial applications.

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 We are a full service machine shop with value added features that can turn your ideas into reality.

Our staff offers a collective 30+ years of engineering and 100+ years of machine expertise to ensure your project is developed accurately and effectively. 


We specialize in:

CNC Milling

  • Envelope up to X64" x Y32" x Z30"
  • Gantry Milling window of X145" x Y85" x Z11"
  • Full 4th axis
  • Repeatable tolerances of +/-.0005"

CNC Turning

  • Envelope up to 30" swing, 17" Max cut OD, 3" thru spindle
  • Full 4th axis



High & Low Volume Production

  • Prototyping
  • Contract Machining
  • Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complete Product Development
  • Field Machining
  • Laser Engraving
  • Wire EDM
  • CMM Part Inspection
  • Finishing Services
  • Grinding
  • Sheet Metal & Pipe Fabrication

At Vo-Tech, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products in timeframes others cannot meet.  We are constantly looking to utlize any form of technology that will make us more efficient and effective as a manufacturer.  This mentality has led to our slogan - Leveraging Technology to Work Smarter.

The MSIV Automatic Machine Tool System

Welding-Bore-1SmallThis revolutionary device was developed specifically to automate the MSIV refurbishment / rebuilding process. It is a system because it performs three completely different functions in one setup: MSIV Machine System

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machine in operation >>

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